Embarrassing Childhood Photos (ROAST US)

Slayy Point

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    In this video we go through all the comments submitted by our subscribers on our Instagram and PAmost community post where we asked them to roast us based our old childhood funny pictures.
    We have reacted to the funniest comments and memes made on us by you guys.
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      1. Amruta Dudhane

        Dont be sad love you both

      2. rekha sopan warada

        Haters I don't like you

      3. unlimited gaming of gamers

        Bhai free fire kelo n.a. please air use top kar ke booyah with gautami didi

      4. AR Sank

        You are Asowme dude

      5. super tech and games

        Lol jio 4G

    2. Suire Gaming

      Saturday = Kanchi Sunday = Halka Ramilo Monday = Bhunti

    3. Sneha Meena

      0:25 abhudaya badmintion with a ball a taking 15 wiket of himself

    4. Kanishka Sharma

      Abhyudaya pehle se zyada achhe lagte ho abhi

    5. Shyam Singh


      1. Shyam Singh

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    6. Manu 5

      5:59 Where did you get this corona virus namuna😀

    7. ROY QUEEN

      Koi Kuchh Bhi Bole but I still love this channel and you both😘😘😘😘 vaise picture hai Ajeeb 😁😅😅

    8. Sunayna Singh

      how goutami related to you.

    9. deepika


    10. deepika


    11. Realm

      Title is being roasted by subscribers, but he is only roasting the subscribers😂😂😂

    12. Lucife r

      3:50 🤩🤩

    13. shama pandey

      Maja nahi aya

    14. Jannati Howlader

      2:04 2:10 2:16 2:19 3:02 it is very 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Nice video 😂😂😂


      Please stop judging on looks. They are good enough. - Sana

      1. Yuzu chan


    17. Simon Yadav

      3:53 That wasn't Funny at all but when Gautami laughed it was awesome 😂🤣🤣 3:55 is the best part 🤣😂

    18. gamer style best

      Ludo king is best

    19. Anime's Saga


    20. Ravindrababu kh

      bro no need me PUBG kheltaa hu


      Your guys are soo funny I love your videos

    22. Sayeeda Asma

      You are so much mad hahaha

    23. swagatika mishra

      Love the way u are taking roast as humor

    24. Vinod Sutar

      Supari thook di

    25. Jhanavirahul8 Pandey

      That line goes to sllay point haters (Rose is red sky is blue I have 5 fingers and middel one is for you haters 😎😎

    26. Dharshan .R

      Big fan bro

    27. Sanjay Bhatt

      Yeh last mein kaunse pagal se uncle the

    28. Tanish Merchant

      You to were looking really nice😍

    29. Tanish Merchant

      This is really bad comments of facebook

    30. Binod Tharu


    31. Vrushali Patil

      Anybody will say anything, but I love your videos ❤

    32. Ananya 2217

      Abhyuday was looking so good😅

    33. Maitri Sharma

      0:57 triggered insaan also liked their post!! BTW u guys are really funny BINOD

    34. Ajoy Mukherjee


    35. Ganesh Kumar

      I can't stop laughing

    36. A.T Drawing

      Disclaimer : No abhyudhay was harm during this video

    37. ankush jain

      Triggered insaan should roast and toast this

    38. Sushil Mishra

      Hi Pls Do not Delete this channel , i can't stop lauging😂😂

    39. Saxena ji Gaming

      Bhai apka koi slayy pop name ka bhi channal hai

    40. Sreelekha Ray

      I really like abudya

    41. Khizar Shaik

      0:56 triggered insaan

    42. Fia John

      1:47, 4: 39 😅😅😂😂😂

    43. shilpa kane

      i wanted to tell very nice channel

    44. Sukanta Mandal

      I like slayy point

    45. 999 Memes

      Superb bro and sister .love from uttrakhand

    46. Shubham Bhatt

      Bhai tumhari videos reality batati hai ......

    47. Trouzzers


    48. Aakash

      Gas khatam ho gaya hai roast nahi kar paunga😂😂

    49. shekhar lal

      (?) Are bhaiya kya ho raha hai yahan Sar Ki bezzati chal rahi hai kya Humko lagta hai na aap Logon aap bahut acche Insan Main Jaanta hun vaise Main Mera gamer banne Ka Sapna hai coronavirus kya kya karna chahta hun aap vah kya Jab Main Ban Jaunga tab Kya Aap Meri channel Mein Mere videos Dalo batana

    50. shekhar lal

      (?) Bhai

    51. Saborno Banerjee

      Gautami aur abhyudaya bohot talented hai ❤️👍

    52. rachita rathi

      You make such enjoyable videos I dont understand why people say and comment like that

    53. LIZA ChawlA


    54. LIZA ChawlA

      82837383838388727272828282882837383838388 883838838838383838 lake jade hotie hai. ??

    55. Tejas Bansode

      2:50 literally dar gaya yrr....😂😂


      6:00 apni bhejti kar wa li 🤣

    57. Deepak Kumawat

      Watching after 1 year 😂 on same day

    58. Avrity negi

      You both look good

      1. Avrity negi

        Gautami didi your hair also beautiful

    59. Operation Gaming

      The origin of chapri

    60. Ojas

      When you want to hide your friends name 6:53 but actually don't want to 0:46


        Ohh yeah 😂

    61. BTS ARMY

      Are you both siblings?

    62. Chirag Garg


    63. sidneet_drikshit

      Are they siblings or friends

    64. Gopro Gamer

      Viewers roast slayy Point slayy point roasts them back savage

    65. Galaxious Kyklos

      0:56 who saw Triggu also liked that

    66. Afnan Syed

      Lovee you bothh ❤❤

    67. YouTuber

      Why Bhai??? Am 11 yrs old, like your comedy Not you :)))

    68. Revati patil

      You guys posted this video on my birthday last year but that time I didn't know your channel but now I am a big fan of you ☺️☺️👍

    69. ROY SUSRUT

      I liked all of your videos they are funny I don't think that these videos are bad 😀😀😀

    70. Phoenix Stark

      1:23 I'm Shameless 🎶🎶🎶

    71. Debasish Rabha

      You guys please ignore those comments because in this huge populated country number of mentally ill personality is not less. I know after this much hardwork if someone gives such grudge opinions then it's really hurts the sentiment but be brave.

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    73. Aditya gametube

      In page of Top 10 muhavare there were only 5 words.


      3:54 gautami's laugh😂😂😂😂🤣

    75. Aditya yadav

      Your video is best but I want to ask a question that your mother and father where.....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    76. Miss Abhikhya

      3:50 Actually looking very actractive in the third photo

    77. 8BIT_ RATN

      Getting ROASTED By Our Own Subscribers 5,600,952 views•Apr 4, 2020 419K 7.1K SHARE

    78. Sanvi Sharma

      Love you slayy point

    79. Nidhi Bhat


    80. kukuthecow Moo

      Comeone people should know the difference between jokes and being racists, and most of them were like that

    81. Vansh Agarwal

      3:54 Aise kon darata h bhai 😂😂😂


      Op bhai

    83. swaroop Gaikwad

      Triggered insaan also rotted

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    85. Windows Aero Deluxe

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      0:56 Flying beast and triggu army! ✌️

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      Any one see that comment "Good hair style" 😂lol

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    94. Valkyrie Eerie

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      Pls make a video on k pop

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      1:23 O gosh they puted mostlysane's shameless song

    97. Arsalan Anwar Channel

      Triggered insaan also commented


      Ur the best

    99. Keersten

      So people are being mean to gautami cuz of her skin color that’s racist

    100. Inayat Inayat

      Hello my friends please 🙏 make Q and A and jo log ap ko bora boltain une bolo ke pehele apni shakal dekhi hai kiya and all the best 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹